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 Pop Goes The Weasel


Post Box & Wishing Tree Hire

Together with our other hire items, we have three unique, custom-made wedding post boxes and a wishing tree available for hire. All post boxes are provided with a padlock and key to keep your cards and gifts safely locked away during your wedding day. These items can be hired as part of an order or seperately. All can be decorated to match your theme or colour scheme. 

Wishing Well 

Always a firm favourite, our wishing well is a striking feature for any wedding gift table. Not only does it look pretty, its spacious inside can hold a large number of cards. Handmade by our design team, our wishing well is one of very few authentic cylindrical wishing wells available for hire. 

'Love' Mail Box

Particularly popular with vintage weddings, our mail box is completely unique. Designed and made by Pop Goes The Weasel, this mail box is the only one of its kind in the region, if not the country. Free standing and convenient for smaller spaces, this box has a side compartment for card posting and a 'Love' sign decorative feature on the opposite side. Due to it's popularity, we advise early booking to avoid disappointment.

Bird House Post Box

The perfect compliment to bird themed and country vintage weddings, our custom-made bird house style post box can hold a large number of cards. Admired by guests due to its quirky, unusual design, this post box is eye-catching on a gift table and easily accesorised with bird themed ornaments and wild flowers. 

Wishing Tree

While small table-top wishing trees can be popular for modern weddings, their size and number of branches can be limiting, particularly if you have a lot of guests in attendance. In contrast, our free-standing wishing tree is 2 metres tall and has an abundance of branches for hanging messages on. The tree can be decorated with lights, leaves, flowers and baubles. We also supply personalised tags in a shape and colour of your choice. 

To enquire about any of our post boxes or our wishing tree please contact us


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    Wishing Tree Close Up
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    Post Box Hire
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    2m Wishing Tree
  • postbox2
    Wishing Well
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    Bird House
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    Love Mail Box
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    Love Mail Box with Lace
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    Wishing Tree with Tags